Why Modern Bathroom is an Icon of Clean Lines and Simplicity

Modern Bathroom

The bathroom is a part of the home where comfort and cleanliness are paramount; necessities which go very well with contemporary design philosophies of simplicity, clean lines and utility. When designing a modern bathroom, a few design principles will help you create a chic and functional place to hose yourself off, relax in the tub and get the day rolling with a little one on one time with your teeth. 

Colours and Lighting

Modern bathroom trends favour light colour schemes, with whites, greys and natural wood tones being the main shades used. Careful use of natural materials such as slate, wood or marble can look great and create a premium atmosphere. Ceramic tiles also look great and come in a variety of interesting shapes, allowing you to create interesting textures on walls and floors. Bathrooms typically do not have large windows for privacy, so keeping the room well lit is crucial. Use abundant lighting in the form of spotlights overhead to light the space or get a backlit mirror to create an interesting feature in your modern bathroom.


Now it wouldn’t be a bathroom without three crucial utilities; a bath/shower, a sink and a toilet. To keep with the modern bathroom style we’re going for, pick examples of these items in keeping with the style. A “floating toilet” creates a modern bathroom throne, which will impress any guests coming to visit. A freestanding bathtub is great if you’ve got space for it but any angular modern-looking bathtub will look great. Modern showers come with endless options for what direction, intensity and texture of water they spray on you. If space is limited consider making your bathroom into a wet room, with utilities limited to a shower, a toilet and a washbasin to maximise functionality. Underfloor heating works great in the bathroom and allows you to do away with unhygienic rugs.

Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings can really add to your modern bathroom design with little details of interest contributing to the styling. Towel rails, toilet roll holders and taps should all hold true to the modern aesthetic. Taps and showerheads, in particular, have an architectural quality which can help you develop your modern bathroom vibe. 

Concluding Remarks

Modern styling looks great in the bathroom, where simplicity, minimalism and contemporary design fit well with the desire for a clean place to take a shower, relax and look after ourselves. Bear in mind these design principles and you’ll create a strikingly modern bathroom design. 

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source: comparethetradie