What Is Modern Barn Homes And Why They Are Getting So Popular

One of the first things that may pop into people’s heads when talking about barn homes is a rusty old-looking barn in the middle of nowhere. 

imageIs this what you had in mind? 

But in reality, the truth is far from it! 

Modern barn homes are a testament to contemporary engineering and serve as the perfect example of how people’s taste and perception towards home building has changed over the years. 

With costs associated with building a traditional home and maintaining it skyrocketing year-over-year, it’s no wonder why people are opting for a more budget-friendly and versatile option. 

Modern barn homes offer great versatility and potential cost savings but above everything else, they offer a level of customizability in style/features that dwarf any traditional home décor. Of course, an important fact here is that modern barn homes do notlook like the photo above.

If you are looking into building a modern barn home then you have come to the right article! Here’s why you should build a barn home in 2020.

Modern Barn Homes: A Simple Guide

Before we jump into it, here’s a quick crash course on the history of barn homes and how they became popular and super relevant in today’s world. 

Humans have been living in barn homes for a very long time.

How long?

Think of prehistoric times! That’s right, people have been building barns to provide shelter for themselves and their animals for centuries. 

Back then, it was very common to have a stable and living quarters in close proximity, due to the simple fact that we used to live in agriculture-based societies, where we would hunt and grow our food with the help of our animals. 

But over the years barn homes took on a more different role. During medieval times, barn homes had primarily become a place for storage or to provide shelter for animals. As our understanding of architecture and materials grew, we started to evolve into complex societies and eventually, bustling cities and stepped away from barn-living. 

There was simply not enough space to have both families and animals occupying a large urban area. Standardized housing had taken over large cities to effectively manage land, ensuring that there were enough houses for everyone. 

This is when barn homes took the back seat and were mostly left attractive for people living either outside of cities or farmers. 

But by the end of the 20th century, people had reignited their interest in barn homes and it had slowly even become immensely popular to build one for living purposes, thus giving birth to the modern barn home era. 

Breaking the Traditional Housing Mold

Modern barn homes are built with three purposes in mind: customizability, time-savings and curbing costs. 

But even these are not the only reason why people are opting for barn houses. Traditional homes require a strong foundation on which the house is built on. 

This leads to:

  • Higher costs, 
  • Maintenance,
  • Extensive labor,
  • Endless planning,
  • Your house becoming permanently rooted. 

Barn conversions can take away most of the hefty costs associated with labor and construction. Furthermore, the post-frame barn home design discards with the traditional construction form and offers a more versatile way of house-building where the foundations of the structure are supported via large poles (instead of a foundation) that are dug in deep on stable ground. The roof is secured using either metal, wood or a combination of both, thus providing vertical and horizontal support to the entire structure. 

This results in a frame that is sturdier, adjustable and is built relatively quicker compared to traditional homes. If you still think that barn homes are only meant for farmers then check out this video, which is also a great case study, for why the typical modern family is opting for barn homes over traditional houses.

There is a Barn Home for Everyone

With great versatility comes an even greater variety of styles! 

Modern barn homes offer endless styles for you to choose from, especially when you are converting from an old barn. Whether you are a fan of the classic barn look or if you prefer something more avant-garde or anything in between; there is a style for everyone! Barn homes can be customized from the ground up. 

Meaning that you have virtually full control of how you want your home to look like. 

Owing to their ability to be modular, barn homes can easily and effectively be adjusted to make either more room or to reshape different areas of the house – bear in mind that this will bring forth additional costs and might take up time, depending on how much you want to change. 

Here are a few great examples of the perfect modern barn home:

#1 Simple and elegant

this modern barn home features the quintessential post-frame design look and adds finesse with the use of tall windows. This house is great to take inspiration from, notice the pathway leading up to the house and the warm lighting to complement the look of the décor and the overall theme.

modern barn home with an old chimney
modern barn home with an old chimney

#2 Classic pole barn home

This one is more suited to traditional living. It features all the usual suspects that you would find at most traditionally-built homes. The house is elevated, which also gives a great vantage point for the iconic roof of the barn home. 

White Modern Barn Home

#3 Balance between contemporary and vintage

Modern barn homes can take the form and shape of any design you desire. This one features a stone and wood mix which adds to the entire rustic vibe of this modern barn home. You are truly only limited by your imagination. 

modern barn home with an old stone wall

#4 Perfect modern barn home.

It would be very hard for anyone to spot that this is, in fact, a barn home at first glance! This house employs the use of modern design cues while maintaining the traditional pole barn look. A perfect match! 

modern barn home in the middle of the city

Converting to a Modern Barn Home – Costs

The cost of building a new or converting an old barn home depends heavily on the vision you have for your house. Some barn homes can be built or refurbished with huge cost savings and less time relative to traditional homes while others might cost more and take more time.

But before you even start to draw up blueprints, you should first consider why you want to build a barn home. Is it because of the costs? Or are you seeking a different type of home-living and are not price-sensitive? 

These questions will help you approximate your costing and eventually, your budget. The average cost, however, is shown in the graph below:

National Average Cost$25,000
Minimum Cost$10,000
Maximum Cost$120,000+
Average Range$20,000 to $45,000
barn home cost

Table 1 Average barn home costing – https://barndominiumlife.com/the-inside-story-converting-a-barn-into-a-house-costs-helpful-tips/

While the above chart is a great start point, your end figure might vary greatly. From materials to plumbing, electrical, and even décor – the cost of building a modern barn home or converting one is completely in your hands. This level of financial freedom is unsurpassed but you should always remember to plan ahead of everything. 

There are a lot of hidden costs that might jump out if you are not careful with the design and vision of your home. 

Make sure you take multiple quotes from different contractors. You can also save up money by taking a few tasks as a DIY project. Many people all around the world, especially in America, at least consider building their own houses. 

While not many are well versed with building homes, there are a lot of companies that have made this endeavor rather plausible for the average Joe. You can easily go for barn home kits that are offered online. These kits are meant to be used by people who enjoy DIY projects or by people who simply want to build their own homes. 

You can also probably save more money by cutting middle-businesses and going directly to the supplier with your blueprints. This step will offer you both, financial and creative freedom when building your dream home. 


Converting old barn homes into a modern home is a great alternative to the cost and time-hefty traditional homes. If you are tired of living in a standardized housing community and wish to build something that best reflects your personality and style then you should look into barn homes. 

They are a break from the ordinary and offer much more than traditional houses. You can also attempt to build one from scratch yourself! 

In summary, barn homes:

  • Are perfect if you are picky about the time and cost to build your home.
  • Are highly versatile and modular
  • Can be built as a DIY project
  • Require less foundation work compared to traditional homes
  • Are likely to get you noticed in the neighborhood

There you have it! We hope you are now convinced of the amazing benefits of building a modern barn home. If not, then we sincerely hope that you are now at least aquatinted with the concept of barn homes.

We are confident that knowing this great alternative will help you out someday when you are looking to invest in a home. Good luck. 

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