Useful Tips Designing a Man’s Home Office

A Man’s Home Office

More and more men are choosing to work remotely, freelance or bring their jobs home a few days a week. So a man’s home office should be a sanctuary of productivity, where an aspiring businessman, artist or programmer can dream big, meet a tight deadline and get the job done in style. A few solid design principles can help create a man’s home office to get even the most work-shy chap to put in the hours. 

Materials and Colours

All wood floors and darker shades on the walls can create a dramatic atmosphere in a man’s home office. Add a nice rug for a touch of luxury and comfort. Hopefully, you have a window to look out of but perhaps consider getting some Venetian blinds to block out the world if you get a little too distracted. Colour schemes are up to you; you want colours you like but nothing too distracting or off-putting, you’re here to work after all.

Office Furniture

Three main furniture elements make or break a man’s home office design; the desk, the chair and the lamp. You need a solid desk to get the job done, be it Mid-century modern, antique or a fine example of Ikea Scandi functionality, you need enough desktop real-estate for what you want to do. Nothing beats the comfort of a leather office chair but anything that keeps you comfortable will do the job; look after your spine and it will look after you and your productivity for years to come. Consider also getting a couch or comfy chair to relax and have a lie down for a moment before diving back into it. A quality lamp is a nice finishing touch to your desk space, whether you’re writing, reading or drawing you need to see what you’re doing after the sun goes down. The anglepoise lamp is the acknowledged classic office lamp but many modern LED solutions exist which minimise desktop footprint and efficiently illuminate your workspace, with classy modern styling to boot. A filing cabinet and some shelving are also useful but keep them within reach so you don’t have to get up all the time. Keep a few personal items on your desk to remind you who you are and why you do what you do, without cluttering your space; a clear desk reflects a clear mind.

Concluding Remarks

A man’s home office should reflect his personality and be a place where he feels at ease, comfortable and ready to work. By choosing quality materials and furniture you can create a powerful mood in your home office and turn your desk into an altar of productivity and success.

source: thedreamsetup