Transform Your Staircase with This Easy Guide

We get it, staircases are only there for the purpose that they serve, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you adore your living space, you can’t just let your staircase look plain and boring. You need to experiment with some staircase design ideas to make it pop more! 

What do you have to lose? If anything, you can always remove what you change if you don’t like it. The risk is worth the try! 

Your Staircase is a Canvas

If you look at the bottom half of the staircase from the side. You will see that it really serves no purpose other than to support the staircase itself. We recommend that you utilize this space and turn it into a canvas of memories! 

Try putting up pictures of your family, friends, or even your pet! Cute frames decorated all around the side of the staircase can put extra space to some good use and serve as a beautiful walk through memory lane. 

Work with Wallpaper

This simple tweak can take you forward by leaps and bounds. Experimenting with different textured wallpaper can make you realize how much you can work with the design and look of your staircase. This tweak can allow you to make almost an infinite number of changes each time with a different style and tone for your décor. 

Using Different Materials to Work With

You don’t have to settle with the plain old wooden staircase design. You have so many options to choose the material for your staircase! 

For starters, just try to incorporate glass on the rail and barrier of your staircase for an elegant and modern look. You can achieve this simply by adding a sheet of plain glass from the top of the railing to the bottom. You can also try to change the type of wood on your staircase depending on your décor and the feel you want to go with. 

Staircases are a great way for you to experiment with your own creativity. There are thousands of ways you can change your staircase to get the look you want and because staircases are so versatile, you can try out different styles every season of the year. We aren’t saying that you make big and costly changes. A little change will go a long way with all indoor staircases. Try some of our tips and see if they work for you. Remember, you are free to use your imagination! 

source: the_real_houses_of_ig