Time For a Change: Tips For Backyard Remodelling

Backyard remodelling

Sometimes it’s just time for a change. Your garden has looked the same since you moved in and you want to change things up. Maybe you just had a child and that greenhouse and pond have got to go. Whatever your reasons, when it’s time for backyard remodelling, a few straightforward ideas can help you in your redesigning efforts, to make sure you get the most out of your new garden layout.

Garden Layout

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what you want your backyard space to become. Perhaps you start with an empty plot, with just grass between two wooden fences and you can do whatever you want with the area. You need to answer a few questions regarding what you want from your backyard. How much planting do you want? Do you want to grow vegetables? Do you want to a patio? Does your kid want a set of goalposts? Based on these considerations you can then divide the space accordingly based on your area limitations. Sketch out a layout of these functional zones and then put your plan into action. Remodelling a garden with an existing layout may be more challenging, if difficult to remove features such as ponds or paving are no longer required but once the area is cleared, apply the same approach of subdividing the space into functional zones.  

Materials and Planting

The materials and planting you used in your backyard remodelling are up to you. Do you want a natural-looking garden resembling a meadow filled with wildflowers? Do you want an ocean of green grass to play on with the kids? Or do you want some gravel paths and paving to make maintenance easier? It’s all up to your personality, what you’re looking for from your backyard and how much free time you have to maintain it. 

Backyard Furniture, Lighting and Features

Picking out new furniture is an important part of the backyard remodelling process; make sure you have what you need to make the most of your garden, with a couch on which to lounge on a summer’s day and a table and chairs to gather for dinner with friends and family. So that the fun can continue after sunset, remember to choose some stylish lighting for your backyard remodel; fairy lights create an enchanting atmosphere and buried uplights can pick out paths and walls during the evening. Keep part of your budget spare for few backyard remodelling extravagances such as a water feature or a barbecue and put the finishing touches to your backyard remodelling.

Concluding Remarks

Backyard remodelling is a great way to take your existing garden and turn it into something all your own. Depending on what you’re starting with, your remodelling will be more or less straightforward but proper planning of the layout and thoughtful consideration of your requirements will make sure you make the most out of your efforts and transform your backyard into your own miniature garden of Eden.

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