Pole Barn Kits – Everything You Need to Know!

There was an episode of the famous future-depicting cartoon “The Jetsons” where the family brought with them a small car-size box during a camping picnic and with a press of a button it became a small yet cozy shelter – a sort of portable home for the family. 

While we may be a bit far away from that reality. We have, however, made similar and impressive advances in the area of modern construction. 

Take pole barn kits as an example. It may not be as futuristic as in the cartoons, but it is considered the crown jewel of DIY home building. Pole barn kits contain all that you need to construct your pole barn home. From materials, plans to even paint! All you have to do is just apply some muscle and DIY skills to complete it. 

If you are looking into pole barn kits then this article will guide you through everything that you need to know but before we begin, let’s cover some quick basics first. 

Pole Barn Kits for Everyone

The concept of the pole barn design was first pioneered in the 1930s when there was a need for a quick and easy way to establish shelters for agriculture or storage use. After an economic depression, the demand for cheap and effective shelters skyrocketed. 

At the same time, big industries got into warehousing goods and with marginal profits, they sought to build affordable spaces for storage. This made the use of pole barns ubiquitous and it was around this time that pole barns started to become immensely popular for the general public for both residential and commercial use. 

Pole barn homes are setting a new standard of versatile living. They cost less, save time and offer a great value in customizability! This construction design is great for building a home almost anywhere, provided that the soil and ground are stable. 

Pole barn kits

More people are now opting for pole barn homes than ever. With soaring construction and maintenance costs of traditional homes, it’s no wonder why most modern homeowners want to break away from the standardized urban-living mold.

Some pioneering companies saw the increasing trend and demand for pole barn homes and decided that the entire building was versatile enough to be prepackaged and shipped anywhere. This is when the idea of pole barn kits took off. People wanted flexibility and customizability – and they got exactly that with pole barn kits. 

Inside the Kit

Pole barn kits are smart and easy DIY packages that contain almost everything you need to build your pole barn home – except for tools. All you have to do is determine your exact needs and you can easily order a pole barn kit either from your nearest supplier or online from the comfort of your couch.

Even if you are not well-versed with DIY projects, you can easily find the right resources online to figure out just about anything about the construction of the barn. There are thousands of people who are building themselves a pole barn home and you can also follow their journey and become part of the community.

Check out this video to see how just one person can set up posts for a barn. 

Many kits exist for different uses. If you need to build a pole barn for commercial use then you can browse through hundreds of kits for warehousing/storage purposes or industrial use. Similarly, if you are looking for pole barn kits to build a home or for general use. Then you can find multiple catalogs of residential pole barn kits.

Depending on the type of kit you bought (more on the types in a bit) you will get a standard package which might include the following:

  • Building Plans
  • Wood Trusses 
  • Eave Posts
  • Full-Length Gable Posts 
  • Skirt Boards 
  • Wall Girts 
  • Roof Purlins 
  • Top Girt Truss Carrier
  • Temporary Post Bracing
  • Truss Blocks
  • Cleats at Base of Posts for Uplift Protection
  • Precast Concrete Footers
  • Roofing, Siding, and Trim
  • Paint and related warranties
  • Metal Trim Components
  • Fasteners

These are some of the basic materials that you will receive once you have placed an order for a pole barn kit. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes material, labor (optional) and also blueprints/plans for your barn.


It’s a simple process

Most companies also offer the convenience of ordering your pole barn kit online! 

Ordering online will allow you to closely assess and choose the right barn kit for your needs. You will find companies that offer free quotations, where you can choose the right barn kit for your home or commercial use and they will almost instantly calculate and provide you with the cost. 

There are mainly two types of kits that you can buy online depending on your use i.e., commercial or residential.

  1. Ready-made/Catalog kits 

These kits are usually picked from a catalog. Some companies will offer a plethora of choices –Ranging from popular residential designs to kits that are best suited for commercial needs. These pole barn kits are a great starting point for people who don’t know enough about pole barn homes or pole barn kits in general.

These packages are usually also accompanied by pictures of how the barn will look like once it is finished, which serves as a great way for you to understand exactly what you will get when you order your kit.

  1. Custom Kits

If you are looking for something completely new, then you can opt for the custom kit option. This option gives you the power to change just about anything about your barn. From color, size, doors, insulation, roof, snow bars to even interior lining – just to name a few! 

These kits are for people who know what they are doing since it involves very minuscule details about the structure and the construction of the barn. It is recommended that you sit or consult with a professional before placing an order for a custom pole barn kit. 

  1. General Use/Animal Shelter Kits

These pole barn kits are either for general everyday use or for a small/large animal shelter. You can find custom kits for horse stables and even for poultry businesses. 

Once you have decided on what type of kit you need, you can then begin to contact suppliers for a suitable quote. The quote itself can vary greatly from one supplier to another since there are a lot of variables involved in building a barn home but almost all of them will give you a minimum cost of around $8,000 – 10,000 with an average cost of $22,000 for residential kits. Commercial pole barn kits can start from $29,000 with an average of about $35,000. 

Here’s a simple step by step process of what you might experience during the online/offline purchase of your pole barn kit:

Experience deciding what pole barn kit to buy

Things You Need to Know!

Your location will affect the type and price of the barn kit. 

Simply put, there are freight costs associated with transporting your kit to your location, you need to make sure that you talk with your supplier before ordering your pole barn kit – so that you are both on the same page and there are no hidden costs.

Furthermore, your location may also limit your choices of certain types of barn kits. For example, if you live in an area that experiences heavy snow, then the company might offer you a different catalog that is better suited to your environment. 

Pole barn kits

The specifications of the barn will be determined when you speak to a professional. You need to have the exact dimensions (length, width, and height) for everything. This step is crucial, even before any blueprint is drawn up. Most companies will help you decide on how you can go about this step, providing you with a consultation that will help you finalize the rough plan for your barn. 

After you have all the design and construction details, you may then proceed to choose the specifics for your barn. As stated, you can either go for a catalog kit or a custom kit. You can also choose a catalog kit as a starting point and then customize it accordingly. This step depends on your imagination. So, let your imagination run wild, but be careful as well. 

After you have secured a quote, you may be then asked to either receive stamped or unstamped drawings for your barn. A stamped blueprint is attested by regulatory bodies and relevant authorities so that you do not have to face any trouble while building your barn.

This requirement depends on your state and regulatory requirements. Some states allow for unstamped drawings while others might require an attested drawing. In any case, a third-party architect or engineer can easily stamp and verify your plans for you. Remember, everything has a cost!

pole barn kits

Some businesses will allow you to secure your quote for a fixed number of days until you can finalize everything and make the payment. Make sure you consult with a professional every step of the way so that you know exactly what you will get when you make the full payment for your pole barn kit. 


Pole barn kits are great for people who want to save costs and go for the DIY route. It is truly a fulfilling experience for to-be homeowners to build and live in a house that they constructed (or helped) with their own two hands. 

Thankfully, choices are abundant when it comes to the types and designs for pole barn kits. All you need is a bit of imagination and the will to push forward and build your very home pole barn home! Good luck.