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» October 17, 2019

Modern Living Room The living room is the heart of your home; this is where you entertain guests, spend quality time with your family and relax doing what you want, […]

» October 17, 2019

Modern Bedroom The modern bedroom is a private sanctuary of rest, romance and relaxation. When designing a modern bedroom, a few simple concepts can help you create a striking, contemporary-looking […]

» October 16, 2019

Rustic Industrial Decor Rustic industrial decor takes its inspiration and materials from the farmhouses and factories of the past and integrates them into a stylish aesthetic, which harkens back to […]

» October 15, 2019

Modern Kitchen The modern kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. Whether you are designing your new home or renovating an older property, the kitchen is probably […]

» October 15, 2019

Modern Bathroom The bathroom is a part of the home where comfort and cleanliness are paramount; necessities which go very well with contemporary design philosophies of simplicity, clean lines and […]

» October 14, 2019

Backyard remodelling Sometimes it’s just time for a change. Your garden has looked the same since you moved in and you want to change things up. Maybe you just had […]

» October 13, 2019

Contemporary House Exterior The exterior of your home is not only the face of your house you show to the world but also the interface between the outside world and […]

» October 11, 2019

Wooden porch ideas A wooden porch is a great little space to create a seating area to recline and survey your garden or front yard or to eat out with […]

» October 10, 2019

A Man’s Home Office More and more men are choosing to work remotely, freelance or bring their jobs home a few days a week. So a man’s home office should […]

» October 10, 2019

A Woman’s Home Office With more and more women running their own businesses, working freelance or just wanting a place to get the job done at home a few days […]