Modern Kitchen. It’s The Most Important Room At Your Home

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. Whether you are designing your new home or renovating an older property, the kitchen is probably where you’ll spend most of your budget, with big investments in appliances, worktops and surfaces. So if you’re looking to create a contemporary kitchen, these design principles are here to help you build the modern kitchen you’re looking for.

Materials and Colours

The look and feel of a modern kitchen is clean, streamlined and angular. Natural materials such as slate floor tiles and granite worktops look great and create a premium feel, whilst white cupboards with contemporary styling are the go-to storage option in a modern kitchen. Polished concrete on the floor or worksurfaces is also a great modern touch. Colour schemes including greys, whites and brushed aluminium are very popular in the modern kitchen. Wall and floor tiling looks great but remember to keep the colours muted to retain the modern feel.

Appliances and Lighting

With the appliances for a modern kitchen, investing in quality from the beginning is a good idea. Most current appliance designs exhibit the modern styling we’re aiming for. Brands such as Neff, Bosch and Samsung, produce reliable appliances which look great in a modern kitchen. Invest in the oven, hob and extractor hood as this is the hearth of the kitchen and the star of the show but don’t scrimp on a capacious sink, nice taps and a cutlery drying area if you have the space. Cupboard integrated dishwashers and fridges help keep things looking clean. Spotlight lighting from the ceiling and underneath cupboards illuminating work surfaces, can brighten the space, help you see what you’re doing as you whip up culinary masterpieces and make sure your kitchen is looking it’s best. Remember to keep any light fixtures in-keeping with the modern style.

Furniture and Decorations

The modern kitchen is not just a place to cook but a social hub, so pick out some contemporary furniture pieces to create a meeting/dining area on an island worktop or table. A few personalised decorations make your kitchen your own; pick out some contemporary art prints for any barren wall spaces, gather your prized collection of quirky fridge magnets and bring a little natural beauty into your modern kitchen with flowers or fresh herbs. 

Concluding Remarks

The modern kitchen is a streamlined, sleek and functional space, worthy of investing in quality materials, reliable appliances and careful planning. Keep in mind the contemporary design principles of functionality, clean lines and muted colours and you’ll achieve the modern kitchen vibe you’re after.

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