Making Big Interior Changes Using Small Apartments

Small apartments don’t mean that they have to have less style. 

On the contrary, small apartments are great for filling in small things. They are compact and require less furniture, which means that you get to play with the rest of what’s left: the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and everything in between!  

Here are some great small & stylish apartment ideas that you can use within a budget.

Start with the Walls

This is largely a no-brainer. Starting out with walls will give you a clear direction of how you should design the rest of your small apartment. 

The walls are a great way to set the mood and décor of your apartment. Using light colored paint will make the small apartment appear spacious. Also, accented walls look very trendy. You can play with small-sized picture frames and decorative pieces that complement the color of your room. You can also choose to go with medium length curtains for an even more elegant look. 

Use Every Inch of the Floor

The floor in small apartments is a great way for you to try out rugs and carpets. Some people prefer a full carpeted apartment while some prefer rugs in different areas of the apartment. 

You just have to decide if you are more of a carpet or a rug person. Start from there and try out different color rugs. Woolen rugs can enhance any room and can also greatly increase comfort. You can also try placing small indoor plants near the window or in any corner where there is no furniture. 

Look upon the Ceiling

The ceiling is a great place for you to experiment with lights and fixtures. 

If you have a small apartment, the best idea for you would be to use LED showcase lights. They are warm in color and can significantly add texture and character to your apartment. You will surely enhance the aesthetics of your décor with this addition. Also, try out ornate ceiling fans for an extra kick! 

Whether you plan to change the lights or move around furniture, there are countless ways to make your apartment stand out using these simple small and stylish apartment ideas. The sky is the limit with what you can achieve. Never think of your small apartment as you having less space to work with. Remember, in the world of décor, less is more. Make every inch of your apartment count. Just don’t go overboard with it. Good luck!

source: findmyblueprynt

source: miniapezinho