Makeup Room Design Tips To Help You Get The Look

Makeup room

When it’s time to get ready for the day, create a classy look for a big night out or play with your friends trying out different styles, you need a cute makeup room to get the job done. This article will give you some ideas about how to design the makeup room you’ve always dreamt of. 

Setting the Mood

To make your makeup room as inviting as possible, pick colours and textures for walls, floors and ceilings, which create a cosy comfortable atmosphere where you want to spend time. Lighter shades of pink, whites and mauve on the walls look great and coupled with warm carpeting, make you really feel at home and ready to accentuate your beauty. You’ll need good lighting in your makeup room, so don’t scrimp on good quality light fixtures and bright LED bulbs, so that even after dark you can see what you doing and get a sense of how your makeup colours and textures will look, out in the real world. 

The Mirror

No makeup room is complete without at least one large, well lit and stylish mirror. A showbiz mirror, lined with filament bulbs, creates a theatrical atmosphere and helps light the face when working on your look. A free-standing full-length mirror is also I good idea, to see how your makeup with fit with your overall look.

The Desk

The mirror needs to stand on a desk in your makeup room, to give you a place to lay out your tools of the trade. Depending on how much storage you need you can go with a single large desk and add storage cupboards with plenty of draws or nearby shelving, as required. Ikea has plenty of great options for an affordable stylish desk for this purpose but anything with clean styling and plenty of storage will do nicely.

The Hot Seat

You need somewhere to sit in your makeup room while you get to work, so invest in a comfy chair or stool. Mid-century modern chairs look great and often have ergonomic designs which are comfortable to perch on whilst getting ready. Don’t forget, if you’ve got friends over they might want to chill with you, so get a few bean bags or stools for them as well.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re looking to create a makeup room in your home, follow these tips and create an oasis of comfort and glamour to put on your war-paint, play with your friends and celebrate being beautiful in style.

source: mz_glamma

source: impressionsvanity