How To Create The Luxury Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house; where you cook, where you socialise with friends and family and where you spend the most money on materials and appliances. If money is no object and you want to create the luxury kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, check out these design ideas to keep things classy, functional and luxurious.

Colours and Materials

Keeping it light is key to creating a luxury kitchen vibe, so whites and lighter shades look best on the walls, either with paint or quality tiling. Subway style tiling is currently in vogue and has a timeless chicness to it. Natural materials such as marble or granite work surfaces immediately create a luxury feel in a kitchen, along with slate or quality ceramic flooring. Polished concrete also looks great on floors or worktops and particularly suites a modern theme. Alternatively, hardwood worktops and cupboards will look great if you are going for a more traditional design. 

Appliances and Furniture

To make a luxury kitchen worthy of the name, alway invest in high quality appliances. Not only are they more reliable and energy efficient but they also look luxurious. If you’re going for a modern look most appliances already fit your styling, with brushed aluminium and touch screen interfaces being commonly found in Samsung, Neff and Bosch ovens, fridges and hobs. If you’re going for a luxurious traditional kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a Aga range cooker to create a vintage centrepiece in the kitchen. Quality taps, cooker hoods and smaller worktop based appliances like Kitchen aid mixers and kettles can add to the luxury atmosphere. A luxury kitchen should always have space for an island in the centre of the room for socialising and invest in some quality bar stools to allow your crowd to get together. 

Lighting and Storage

To complete the luxury kitchen atmosphere, select high quality stylistically appropriate lighting to keep your kitchen looking great after dark. Spotlights are alway great in the kitchen, whilst LED strips underneath cupboards can illuminate worktops and create a sense of drama. Don’t forget to get yourself abundant storage space with cupboards and feel free to flex your cookware and utensil collections with a hanging rack or open shelving. 

Concluding Remarks

The kitchen is still the heart of the modern home and the room where many people spend the most when redesigning or rennovating their living space. Create a luxury kitchen in your home by judicious selection of colours, quality materials and high-end appliances, to make a kitchen to impress, entertain and cook up a culinary feast.

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