Great Ideas Of Making The Most Of A Tiny Home

Tiny Home

More and more people are looking to downsize to a smaller living space, so that they can live more efficiently out in nature or in an overpriced metropolis. If you’re looking to build yourself a tiny home, take a look at these design ideas for making the most out of a tight space.

Architectural Ideas

If you are building a tiny home from scratch, you are best placed to maximise the use of your limited space. When building out in nature, be mindful of your environment and use natural materials, whilst in the city modern is the way to go. Only place walls where necessary, to maximise the sense of space your tiny home and maximise natural light by installing large windows. Compact sleeping quarters can often be fit in the roof space and accessed by stairs or ladders; in this way, you can restrict your build to one story. You may not have room for a bath but a compact bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin, in a separate room for privacy, should also be accommodated into your design. 

Layout and Furniture

Thinking carefully about your layout and furniture choices crucial to keeping your tiny home from feeling unpleasantly cramped. To avoid things feeling cramped an open plan layout is your best bet in a tiny home, with the entrance leading immediately to your living space and kitchen. You need to impede your movement through the limited space as little as possible, so restrict furniture items to those you genuinely need and don’t go for anything too large for the available space. Furniture styling should fit with the architectural choices you’ve made; if you’re going traditional keep it vintage, otherwise keep furniture modern and minimalist. 

Storage Solutions and Lighting

To keep your tiny home feeling spacious and inviting, clever storage solutions are a must. Maximise vertical space with shelving wherever possible and use any available volume, under stairs or in corners to stow away your personal items and keep things looking tidy. Lighting is also critical to maintaining an open feel in a limited space after dark, so use plenty of stylish lighting with fixtures in keeping with your architecture, to illuminate your space with a cosy warm glow. 

Concluding Remarks

Living in a smaller dwelling has many advantages in terms of streamlining your living space, keep costs down and giving you access to a life in nature or an expensive city. By thinking efficiently about your layout, furniture choices and storage you can make the most of your tiny home and create a space where you can live it big. 

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