Designing The Lake House of Your Dreams

Lake House

From time to time everyone needs a place where they can get away from it all, relax and be in nature. Visiting a lake has always been a great way to unwind, look out over placid waters, go for a sail or a swim and maybe do some fishing. If you’re lucky enough to have a lake house, you can create a welcoming home away from home down by the water, by following a few simple design principles.

Colour Ideas

When you think of a lake house, you probably imagine a light, airy, somewhat nautically themed holiday home, with light colours and a nice large window, letting a view of those mesmerising ripples and reflections and abundant natural light to pour into the living space. The view of the location is the star of the show in your lake house and the colour scheme should offer a neutral canvas for the natural beauty on display. Light shades are the order of the day, achieved with whites walls or light wood flooring, with a few accents of colour here and there. Shades of blue or light grey look good here and feel appropriate when you’re next to a large body of water.

Furniture and Lighting

So now you have your view, your serene canvas, next you need somewhere to lounge around, catch up on some sleep or write that novel you’ve finally got around to. Keep things light with clean linin cushions and covers. All wood furniture looks great here, along with any Scandi looking pieces you may be able to find at Ikea. Just keep it light. Always make the most of your views when arranging your living space and bedroom, so that you can gaze out over your vista with ease. Lighting can create a cosy atmosphere after sunset but go for bulbs with warmer colour temperatures, so that your lightly coloured walls and flooring don’t look cold and desolate. Lanterns look great and can fit with our quasi-nautical lake house theme.

Aquatic Curiosities

Now you can only be certain you’re near the water, if you have a few aquatically themed objects or features on display in your lake house. We are talking fishing rods, rowing oars, framed images of local wildlife, marine rope here and there and stone or driftwood from the lake.  You’re looking to show your personality here and celebrate the natural environment you find yourself in. 

Concluding Remarks   

A lake house is a great place to relax, connect with the beauty of nature and enjoy yourself. When designing in a lake house, remember that the location is the star of the show, whilst the interior is a cosy canvas for the natural masterwork on display. 


source: architecturedotcom