Designing a Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen looks great in any period home and creates a cosy setting to bring the family together around their hearth, in a primordially appealing way. The main concept of a farmhouse kitchen is that the kitchen is not merely a functional space for food preparation but also a place for people to sit and talk to each other in a traditional setting. This is commonly achieved with a central island with seating, traditional cooking ranges as a centrepiece of the kitchen and the use of natural materials like stone and wood. To keep things clean and clear in any kitchen, there are a number of smart ways to organise your kitchen clutter, to keep your farmhouse kitchen functional and looking top-notch.

Materials and Appliances

Stone and wood on worktops, cupboards and flooring are key to creating a traditional atmosphere in a farmhouse kitchen. Slate or oak flooring looks great but comes at a premium price. However, investing in natural materials for your worktops and cupboards is well worth it, in order to create the rustic vibe we’re looking for. Solid wood cupboards and stone worktops immediately create the farmhouse kitchen feel but the centrepiece is without a doubt the range. The Aga range is the Rolls-Royce of farmhouse kitchen ovens but not everyone can afford the steep price or wants to have to deal with a solid-fueled traditional oven. Any traditionally styled range type oven will create a hearth in your farmhouse kitchen and locating your oven in a chimney breast, creates the impression of a fuel-burning stove even with an electric oven. A central island in view of your hearth with traditionally styled seating creates a great breakfast bar and social space for people to gather in comfort.

Smart Ways to Organise

Finding a place to put everything is a challenge in any kitchen. Utensils, pots and pans, plates, cutlery, fruit, vegetables, your favourite coffee, that teapot you got for Christmas but never used, the list of things that end up lying around on your kitchen’s surfaces is endless and your cupboards can only hold so much. Smart ways to organise all this stuff are required to prevent your once beautiful, pristine, magazine-quality kitchen from gradually becoming a mess. Various strategies may be deployed here; hanging pots and pans from hooks or racks near the oven is not only convenient but allows you to flex your utensil collection to guests, cupboard space can be maximised with internal shelving and racks allowing unsightly items to be efficiently hidden away and traditional jars and vessels can be used to contain consumables whilst keep things neat and in character with the farmhouse kitchen atmosphere.

Concluding Remarks

Although we have moved into the 21st century and no longer need to huddle in our kitchens for warmth as our distant relatives once did, we still yearn for a place to come to together, make some food and chat to one another, in a cosy shared space. Creating a farmhouse kitchen in your home can be a great way to honour your traditions and create a pleasing gathering place for you, your loved ones and your friends. 

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