Creating The Modern Woman’s Home Office

A Woman’s Home Office

With more and more women running their own businesses, working freelance or just wanting a place to get the job done at home a few days a week, an appealing home office space is a necessity. A woman’s home office should be a place to be productive, isolate yourself from distractions and be inspired to create in a cosy setting. A few design principles will help you make a chic and functional home office space fit for the modern woman.

Materials and Colours

Work can be stressful, draining and something you want to avoid; so make your work life easier by keeping your home office design as uplifting and inspiring as possible. Maximise available natural light with lighter shades on the walls and floors. All wood flooring looks great and can be softened with a nice rug to keep things cosy. A few touches of colour here and there in curtains, soft furnishings or artwork can personalise the space and remind you that you are the boss of your own venture.  

Office Furniture

The furniture is the star of the show in a woman’s home office. Three main furniture elements let you know you’re in a place of work; a desk, a lamp and an office chair. The desk is the centrepiece of a woman’s home office. This is where the magic happens and should be substantial, stylish and reflective of the woman’s personality. Mid-century modern looks great in the office, along with any of the minimalist Scandi offerings from Ikea. Invest in a comfortable and stylish chair and your posture and back health will thank you. If you’re burning the midnight oil at your desk, you need a good lamp to throw some light on the subject. An anglepoise lamp is a classic choice here but a number of LED lamps with modern styling now provide affordable and effective means of illuminating your workspace, with minimal desktop footprint. A few desktop personalisations and curiosities, such as photographs, flowers or artwork can offer you inspiration and reminders to keep you motivated, without cluttering your workspace. Shelving is also must in any home office and should be placed within arm’s length of the desk to keep things ergonomic. 

Concluding Remarks

A woman’s home office is a sanctuary for the modern woman to get the job done in the comfort of her home. Create an environment to be inspired and thrive in your work by keeping things light and investing in good office furniture, to create a workspace which will make you want to get stuck in and succeed in whatever you do.

source: desklifebliss