Barndominiums in 2020 and Why You Should Know All About Them


If you know nothing about barndominiums then you should be able to get a pretty basic idea of what they are with this tidbit: 

“Barndominium” comes from the combination of two words: barn and condominium. 

Much like the word motel (which comes from motor and hotel), barndominiums are a new way of experiencing home-living and home building in 2020. 

Although they have been around for a long time, they have slowly gained momentum over the years and have now become a sought-after option, especially when it comes to saving money on home building.

Barns have historically been used for storage and as animal shelters, but now with the rise of maintenance costs in an unstable economy, people are utilizing their real estate is ingenious ways

Barndominiums are a result of converting a barn into a home. While the term itself may refer to a lot of different things, it is mostly used to refer to a barn that has been repurposed with living quarters.

Barndominiums:  The New Real Estate Frontier

These types of homes are on the rise! People who already have a barn on their premises will benefit the most from this building style. Even if you don’t, barn homes are a much easier, efficient, and cost-effective way of living

Barndominiums are also a great option for people who want to move out of their house but don’t want to spend that much on real estate. 

Barndominium sales

If you have a barn or enough real estate to build one, then Barndominiums are a great option for you. Simply because converting a barn into a home is very efficient and effective compared to building a traditional home.

These buildings can also have a superior structure than traditional homes (more on this in a while) and if you already have a barn then converting it into a home will not only save you money but it will also save a lot of construction time. 

If the barn is already in place, you would only have to worry about renovations and the general layout of your new home. 

If you do not have a barn, then you can easily opt for a contractor to build one for you, or better yet, you can save money and build one yourself using barn kits as well! (more on this below)  

Most people who opt for barn homes are looking for a sustainable way of living, i.e. a method of living that is efficient, eco-friendly, and economical. 

If these are the things that you are looking for in your new home then we highly recommend that you go for a Barndominium.

source: houseproperties

It is a versatile way of living that grants homeowners with the invaluable ability to fully customize, add, remove, or change their home at will. 

For example, a small family of 4 might not require a lot of space in a Barndominium so they can always change the insides to best reflect the family size. With this construction style, it is possible to add space inside as needed by putting up walls and creating new living quarters!

Why Barndos?

Ever wondered why people build storm shelters under barns or outside their homes? Well, the reason is simply that some barn structures are built using a metal frame rather than a wooden one. 

This allows the barn to have a much more strength-to-weight ratio than regular homes, thus they are considered to be more structurally sound and reliable compared to their wooden counterparts.

The metal framing and sheeting on barns make it the perfect candidate for building a home. Since there is little to no foundation work required and the maintenance cost of metal is lower than that of wood, barndominiums make for a better overall deal than regular homes. 

They can also be built quickly. Where a traditional house would take up months to construct, a typical barndominium would only take an average of 3-4 weeks, by leveraging the metal framing technique and efficient building strategies. 

If you still think that barns are not meant for living space then check out this tour of a modern barndominium. It perfectly showcases what a barn home can be if it is built with the right vision in mind. 

Although this barn is more inclined towards luxury, the purpose of building such a structure is simply to change the perception of the general public towards barn living. The humble barn has come a long way and has always held utility for humans. It is high time that we see it as more than just a space for storage. 

Barndominiums have multiple purposes and benefits, such as:

  • They can easily be built on any property
  • The barn itself can be changed at will and adjusted according to your needs
  • You can save big on converting old barns or even building new ones (especially using barn kits)
  • They are built to last longer than wooden homes.
  • They are generally very spacious and airy
  • They can be themed to fit any style or décor

Building Vs Converting

If you are looking into moving into a barndominium then you are likely to face two scenarios.

  1. You already have a barn and you want to convert it into a barndominium
  2. You don’t have a barn but you have space on your property to build one

For option 1, where you want to convert your barn, you generally have two routes, either seek professional help or take up most of the work as a DIY project. 

If you choose to hire a professional then you will be able to get invaluable insight into how you should properly renovate your barn using modern design ideas. 

The contractors will take care of everything and all you would have to do is wait for a few weeks until they are done. 

If you choose option 2, then chances are that you know your way around the toolbox and have taken up large DIY projects before. 

This option is great (and fulfilling) for homeowners who want to save big on building their home. Luckily, building a barndominium has never been easier with the help of barn-kits

These kits can be built on order and can be shipped to your location. They contain all the necessary materials and blueprints that you need to build your home. These kits can be bought online or by visiting a barn contractor near you. 

source: mortonbuildings

Be careful when searching for a contractor! Some do not know their way around modern barndominiums. It is best if you take a look at their portfolio beforehand. Always ask your contractor to keep you in the loop at every stage of the planning and construction of your barndominium.

You can also opt for a third (bonus) option – a sort of middle ground between DIY and professional services, where you can order yourself a barn kit and outsource some of the work to contractors. 

This way you can get finished in a fraction of the time, save money, accomplish your DIY project, and maintain complete creative freedom throughout the building process.

The Many Roles of Barndominiums

As we have said before, barndominiums are versatile. 

They can be repurposed as needed. Whether you are building or converting one for residential use or office space. 

This type of structure is suitable for almost every type of use. Almost all the modern companies are moving towards an open-office layout, where they favor open and airy spaces rather than the old cubicle layout. 

This makes barndominiums a perfect candidate to build an office space. You can have multiple floors as well! 

Barndominums can also be used for businesses. The barn can be used for lodging purposes, warehousing, and even as a shared animal shelter. 

Regardless of its use, barndominiums offer a level of versatility that traditional homes can never provide, simply because they are built for the sole purpose of residential use. 

If you have a barn on your premises or if you want to build one to start a business, then this type of structure is your best bet when it comes to cost-saving and effectiveness.


Barndominums are the definition of modern living. With changing perception and trends, barn living has become more mainstream than ever!  

If you are looking into either building a new barndominium or converting your old barn, then now is the right time to take advantage of this home building strategy. 

Not only will you save on materials, labor, and maintenance, but you will also be able to experience a new form of open-living with tall ceilings and ample airy space. We can’t wait for you to break the current real estate mold!

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