9 Affordable Must See Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen should be the most inviting room in the home. If it is not, this is a sure sign that it is time for a much needed makeover. All it takes are a few simple changes to make the room sing. Changing the decor elements or color motifs in the kitchen can provide impressive results. Just take a closer look at the following must see kitchen makeovers!

1. The Importance of New Colors

The kitchen on the left has taken on somewhat of a drab appearance, right? By changing the color schemes from the outdated green/yellow to a trendier blue/grey motif, the entire room is transformed in the process.

source: brightbazaarblog

2. Leaving The Same Frames

When it comes time to make changes to a kitchen, there is nothing wrong with leaving the current frames intact. Ordering new cabinet doors is a wonderful way to revitalize a tired area of the home.

source: acorn_cottage_

3. Just a Few Small Changes

The three changes that have taken place here should be rather obvious. By adding a kitchen island, changing the font on a poster and altering the color of the furniture, the room is made to look brand new.

source: ourwintonhome

4. Swapping Out An Island

Take a look at the kitchen island in the first photo. Kind of drab, right? Of course, by swapping out the boring old-fashioned island for something a bit more colorful, a homeowner can make this all important room look much brighter!

source: decorating_solutions_by_alicia

5. Getting a Handle on Things

Who would have thought that something as easy and affordable as swapping out the door handles of the cabinets would have this effect? The new furniture color is also a very nice touch! 

source: littleozarkfarmhouse

6. Bringing Out The Room’s True Personality

No one wants a dark and depressing kitchen, do they? That’s why simple changes like this one had to be made. By adding an additional door to the kitchen, more natural light is able to find its way inside and this allows the room’s true personality to come to the forefront.

source: cambriasurfaces

7. Creating a More Inspiring Kitchen

The kitchen in the first photo is fine enough but it is not that inspiring or inviting. By making the simple decision to paint the cabinets and islands white, the room takes on a far more unique appearance.

source: cambriasurfaces

8. From Blah To Beautiful

By making the change from an outdated color scheme and replacing the water tap with something a bit more becoming, a homeowner is able to take their kitchen from looking “blah” to looking its absolute best.

source: cambriasurfaces

9. Taking It To The Extreme!

The tired, old table has been replaced by a fancy new kitchen island. The cabinets and fixtures are no longer the same. These are the sorts of extreme changes that can be made when we no longer care if the room still looks the same. 

source: cambriasurfaces