55+ Incredible Tiny House On Wheels Designs

Tiny house on wheels is amazing solution for impatient people. If you have a land-plot where you are planning to build a tiny summer house, consider to buy a tiny house on wheels! It will save your time & a lot of nerves. You will just have to choose your tiny house design and show where to park it!

Tiny homes on wheels are also getting more and more popular as a permanent living place. It costs lower than classic house, you need smaller land-plot and you don’t need to build it or hire someone who will build it for you.

Typical tiny house on wheels is made on truck trailer. So the average interior dimensions of such house are: length 47’6″ x 98,5″ width x 100,6″ height. So there is a plenty of space of all necessary equipment for daily living. We have prepare some top 10 best tiny house on wheels designs + some cherry on the top designs. Hope you will like it!


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Some more amazing tiny house on wheels:

source: alternativehouse

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