53+ Must See Ideas For Modern Farmhouse Look

If you want to have a classic & modern home design- modern farmhouse look is what you are looking for!

Modern farmhouse look is bright, fresh and very beautiful and it is getting more and more popular. History fans who want to have coziness at their home choose this style. It has a lot of hard finishes decor such as tiles, wood floors, cabinets and much more!



source: thefarmhousepages

As you might noticed, modern farmhouse design look consist of a mixture of light and bright colors, such as white & black, white & blue or light brow and green. This is very important to keep balance if you don’t want to ruin a rustic spirit with a modern touch!



Also if you are trying to create a modern farmhouse look don’t forget about hard wood colors and lot’s of greenery around your home!

source: farmhousefanatics

source: farmhouseismystyle

And most important, do not be afraid of experimenting, you never know, maybe your idea will inspire a lot of people and will be a new trend for modern farmhouse look!