50+ Wooden Porch Ideas for Your Home

Wooden porch ideas

A wooden porch is a great little space to create a seating area to recline and survey your garden or front yard or to eat out with friends and family, safely sheltered from the elements. This article will show you how you can make the most out of your wooden porch, with furniture, planting and lighting, to transform your porch into a thing of beauty. 


Seating is the key to getting the most out of your wooden porch. A wicker swing chair is the archetypal wooden porch seating element, which offers a soothing place to recline and gaze out over your domain. Couches, benches and comfy chairs also work well but make sure, even if your porch is well covered from the weather, you get furniture which is resistant to being rained on if you live in a wet climate. Depending on your needs you may also include a coffee table or dining table and chair on your porch, as space limitations allow. A wooden porch may be constructed using treated timber with exposed wood grain or it may be painted, so pick furniture which will blend nicely with the porch itself. 

Plants and Lighting

The porch is also a great space for some potted plants which don’t require full sun or somewhere to make a small herb garden for the kitchen. Choose small shrubs like bay or privet or even train climbing roses or wisteria to grow up the structural beams of your porch, though bear in mind any climbing plants will weaken the structural integrity of your porch over time. Raised beds can be deployed on a wooden porch to generate a compact and convenient herb supply. However, don’t forget that watering your plants will subject your wooden porch flooring to an occasional dousing which might hasten its decay. After darkness falls lighting features can allow you to continue to use your porch to relax or entertain, with festoon lighting looking great here, along with exterior light fixtures in keeping with the style of furniture you’ve gone for. 

Concluding Remarks

A wooden porch is a great place to relax and socialise in a place not quite in the garden and not quite indoors. By tasteful selection of appropriate furniture, plants and lighting you can set the stage for long summer days spent lounging on your porch and chatting with your friends, with a great view of your garden or neighbourhood.

source: palmgrovefarmhouse