5 Smart Tips To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and adding a little farmhouse style to your kitchen is a great way to connect with a rural way of life and create a cosy kitchen in which to cook and socialise. Check out these 5 smart tips to help you create the farmhouse kitchen you’ve always wanted.

1. Make the most of period features

If you’re lucky enough to live in a period property with some original features in your kitchen, such as fireplaces, tiles or wooden ceiling beams, by all means, celebrate these in your farmhouse kitchen design. Often surviving period features will have been obscured with paint or boarded up, so carefully restore them to their former glory without compromising on their rustic character, to create features of interest in your kitchen. 

2. Use natural materials

The farmhouse style kitchen vibe is greatly helped by the addition of natural materials in your design wherever possible. Slate flooring, hardwood worktops and wall tiles with vintage styling all contribute to the rustic aesthetic and are well worth the expense. Unpainted wooden cupboards also look great, particularly with old fashioned cast iron handles.

3. Buy appliances with vintage styling

Appliances can also help you to create your farmhouse style kitchen. The star of the show is the inclusion of a range cooker of the kind offered by Aga but any range cooker with similar styling will do. Other appliances such as Kitchen Aid mixers, old fashioned kettles and retro fridges will also help you to build the desired atmosphere. 

4.  Choose appropriate lighting

To light your farmhouse style kitchen after dark, go for abundant overhead spotlights and choose light fixtures with old fashioned styling fitted with filament bulbs, to really create the warm, rustic atmosphere you are going for. 

5. Decorate with a countryside theme

To complete the farmhouse style kitchen atmosphere, don’t forget to decorate appropriately with artwork, artefacts and items with a rural theme. Bushels of wheat, hops or strings of onions can be hung from the ceiling to create a rustic vibe. Artwork of farm animals, countryside scenes or old photographs also help build the atmosphere.

Concluding remarks

Creating a farmhouse style kitchen is a great way to pay homage to the rural way of life and create a cosy focal point in your home. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be sure to build an authentic farmhouse atmosphere, to make you want to cook up a rustic feast every night of the week. 

source: paintedfoxhome