48+ Ideas How To Design a Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home; this is where you entertain guests, spend quality time with your family and relax doing what you want, in the comfort of your personal space. Modern living room design provides this functionality, with a contemporary aesthetic of simplicity, tidiness and open space. Here a few simple principles to help you design your own modern living room. 

Colours and Layout

Modern living room design seeks to maximise a sense of spaciousness and lightness. In terms of colour scheme, this means keeping it light; whites and greys on the walls and lighter shades of carpet or wood flooring look best, with accents of limited colour here and there, in soft furnishings, plants or artwork. A minimal layout with plenty of room to manoeuvre through the space, helps keep the room feeling airy and clean. These colour and layout choices make the modern living room act like a neutral canvas, which you can populate with your furniture, personal touches and your use of the space. 

Furniture and Lighting

The furniture is crucial to setting the tone of the modern living room, as furniture items stand like sculptures in the room and dictate how the space is used in terms of their footprint and placement in the room. Mid-century modern looks great here, along with any quality vintage items or anything giving off a Scandi vibe. Create a focal point around a modern fireplace, entertainment centre or coffee table, with sofas, chairs and lamps judiciously placed, so as to provide functionality but not crowd the room. Lighting choices for a modern living room should be charismatic but in keeping with contemporary styling; interesting fixture designs can be a stylish way to add a bit of excitement to the minimalist vibe.

Personal Touches

The modern living room is not crowded with objects but a few personal touches finish off the design and make your living room your own. Carefully selected artworks, such as photographic prints, paintings or sculptures, create features of interest for visitors which reflect your personality. House plants are a great way to soften the otherwise barrenness of a modern living room with a little natural beauty. If you want an expensive Hi-Fi system and a gigantic TV, then go for it, this is your living room.

Concluding Remarks

When you come to design a modern living room, follow a few simple principles and you can’t go wrong. Keep the colour scheme light and airy, place quality furniture intelligently and add a few personal touches to make the room your own. 

source: aither.interior