45+ Simple and Easy Scandinavian Style Home Ideas for 2020

Scandinavian style homes are all the rage these days. They look elegant and can elevate your décor in stunning ways. What’s best is that you don’t have to go all-out and break the bank to achieve the look. Getting the Scandinavian vibe is just a matter of simple tweaks that you can do within a reasonable budget. 

All About Flora

If you are looking to achieve a Scandinavian style home look, we recommend that you start with tall indoor plants. You can have these large household plants placed anywhere in your house. We recommend trying out the living room first. 

Nothing screams Scandinavian more than large house plants! 

Go All-in on Blue!

What’s the one color that stands out in Nordic culture? Why, it’s blue! 

This simple color tweak can earn you the Scandinavian style home of your dreams. Blue goes really well with an all-white interior. Try throwing in a pleasant blue colored rug or a tabletop to start off small and take off with your imagination from there. You will be surprised by how much you can achieve with this little hack. 

Jaded Leather Items

Nothing relates to Nordic culture more than worn leather pieces. The thing about this little idea is that you can experiment with it in any way you like. Whether you go with worn leather chairs, an ottoman, or a simple worn leather cover as a decorative piece, you will surely enhance your living space with just this one change. 

Warm Paper Lantern Lights

Let’s be clear on this – when we say “warm”, we really do mean warm. You simply can’t have a paper lantern with white lights in it. That’s a clear no-no.

Paper lanterns with a warm color light will set the mood for the evening in many ways. Whether it’s a casual Friday night or an intimate date night with your significant other. This addition to your décor will set you up in the right direction and will take the feel of your living space miles ahead! 

People usually think of Scandinavian style homes as the epitome of interior design, which they truly are. But most people deter from going ahead with the idea because they feel it’s too daunting to pursue. Trust us, with these small changes, you can get very close to having an authentic Nordic look in your home. Try them out and see for yourself. We guarantee that you will love it! 

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