45+ Outstanding Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are beautiful and uncomplicated. This simple and clean looking unit allows you to have a roof on your land very fast. You can already order fully equipped shipping container home, so you only need to prepare foundation and show the truck driver where to deliver it!

These kind of “buildings” are getting more and more popular in US. Because they are relatively cheap, they can be delivered very fast & most important they can look outstanding.

Bellow you will find our list of most beautiful shipping container homes we could find. Enjoy!

#1 This shipping container has huge windows, roof terrace & location with a mountain view. What could be better?

source: morecontainerhomes

#2 This shipping container home requires additional work. It has custom roof & porch. But admit it, it’s absolutely worth it! Amazing exterior design.

source: morecontainerhomes

#3 This shipping container home is built out of 3 containers and has additional metal frames for the porch roof.

#4 This is great idea how you can cover shipping container with wood in order to achieve the most amazing result! We love this project!

source: scandinavian.nl

P.S. We are not quite sure if this specific home was built using shipping container. But you could reach the same result using it for sure!


source: shippingcontainerhomes

#6 Even though this modern shipping container is placed in the middle of the woods, it seems that it belongs here!

source: cabin_lifestyler

#7 Another great example how you can coat shipping container with wood.

source: cabin_lifestyler

#8 This shipping container home is a true cherry on the top! Great example how you can turn shipping container into a summer house!

source: cabin_lifestyler

Some more outstanding shipping container homes:

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