45+ Eye-Catching Backyard Design Ideas

A person’s backyard is a place that can be a tranquil sanctuary from the stresses of life, a playground for the kids or a place for the green-fingered to grow things. When thinking about backyard design it’s important to consider what you want from the space available, how much effort your willing to put into maintaining any planting and how to make your backyard a place you and your friends want to spend time in.

Layout, Materials and Planting

Consideration number one in backyard design is how to decide on the layout of the available space and what materials to cover the area with. Depending on what you want to do with your backyard you have to consider a few key questions. Do you want grass? Do you want a patio covered in stone, wood or gravel? Do you want flower beds? Do you want to grow vegetables? Do you have kids that want a playground? By dividing your space into functional zones fulfilling these desires you ensure that your backyard design gives you what you want from the space. When deciding on planting, make sure you pick plants which will thrive in the conditions available; check for how much light, water and what soil pH particular species require and ensure you have suitable conditions. If you’re hoping to grow vegetables and herbs for the kitchen, remember that raised beds are a great way to maximise space and minimise backache.

Furniture and Lighting

In order to get the most relaxation time out of your backyard design, you’ll need to pick comfortable and stylish furniture. Benches can be used to allow you to sit and gaze at a particular aspect of your garden, whilst a table and a set of chairs let you relax and eat outside with family and friends. After sunset, lighting can dramatically change the mood of the garden, with fairy lights or accent light sources creating an enchanted vibe. Many lighting products designed for backyard use are powered by solar panels and conveniently activate when the light levels drop at dusk. By thoughtful placement of light sources, it is possible to create a dramatic atmosphere in your garden during the evening, perfect for summer parties out in the garden.

Backyard Utilities and Features

To put the finishing touches to your backyard design, chose a few utilities or features of interests to add to the space, which reflect your personality or let you do what you want with your backyard. Grills, chimeneas or firepits make a great focal point for backyard entertaining. Water features with small fountains producing soothing trickling noises, evoke the sound of streams and add to the tranquil atmosphere. Garden statues can add a sense of quirkiness or sophistication, depending on what you choose. 

Concluding Remarks

Backyard design is all about making the most out of the space available, bringing yourself back into connection with nature even if only in a small way and creating a sanctuary for yourself where you can relax, entertain and have fun.

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