40+ Amazing Industrial Interior Design Ideas

Industrial interior design is the epitome of the modern apartment look for 2020. 

If you aren’t considering this style then you are just missing out on an awesome décor change. Whether you have a studio apartment or just a lot of space to work with. This interior design in just for you. Here’s a look at some great ideas that can set you in the right direction. 

The Marriage of Steel

Chrome is the word of the day and if you want a good industrial interior design then you should also go out and get some chrome colored furniture. 

We are talking about lamp posts, tables, chairs, light fixtures and everything in between. The future is pristine and minimalistic and nothing adds more volume while, ironically, taking up less space than chrome furniture. This change can set you up for the next step in getting the right industrial interior design for your apartment. 

Recycled Metal Elements

The world is moving towards sustainable living and the modern industrial interior design demands a similar change. 

Have an old bike rack that you are about to throw out? Think again. With just a few fixes, you can actually have your bike rack be a part of your décor. Use it as a showpiece with your bike or give it purpose. Whichever you choose, it will add style and character to your home. 

Long Open Windows

The right industrial interior design is the one that combines the exterior and interior of your home. 

Using open and long windows can add a lot of sunlight and openness to your home. The extra light can give uplift the look of your entire apartment and give it a refreshing feeling. Plus, there is an added bonus if you already have chrome furniture. All that sunlight will really make things pop and come to life. 

Adding Dimensions

When you think of industrial interior design, you really need to consider all the dimensions at your disposal. 

Start with the ceiling, try out different hanging light fixtures that match your décor then move down to the walls, put up pictures and experiment with wallpaper. You can also have an accented wall with a lot of pictures or just place a sofa and a lamp to make it appear posher. Move your attention further down to the floor. Look into wooden flooring and rug options. These simple changes will complement each other and will add to the entire décor. 

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