13 Metal Pole Barns That Have To Be On A Postcard

First Metal Pole Barns were build in 1930s. so these buildings historically are very young. But they already found their way into American hearts! Metal pole barns with a living quarter became very popular among farmers or people who live in a country side.

Pole barns have 3 primary advantages:

  • Simple & Cheap Foundation

For pole barns you do not need to make a full ring, or so called pillow of concrete under whole building. This building “stands” on poles, so only these poles need to have a concrete foundation under it.

  • Less expensive

Metal Pole barns are less expensive because they require less wood to complete comparing to typical buildings.

• Better insulation

It doesn’t matter are you building a metal pole barn for animals or to live in- insulation is very important. Due to wide spacing between posts it is easier to insulate building more accurate.

Please take a look at some really amazing pole barn projects:














source: mortonbuildings

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