100+ Award Winning Metal Building Homes

Metal building homes are structures with steel frames and they have become the latest trend in the United States because of their numerous advantages. Go through the benefits of metal building homes below and you may consider building one too.


Durability, ruggedness, and toughness are the most attractive qualities of buildings with steel frames. When constructed properly, they can withstand 150 mph wind and this is equivalent to an F2 tornado. That means they can also withstand a category 4 hurricane. 

What adds to their durability is seismic stability. In addition, many parts of the United States are prone to wild fire and that is why metal building homes should be encouraged because they are resistant to fire and flame unlike wood. Since rodents and insects cannot eat through steel, metal homes require little or no maintenance and they can last for decades. 

Quick turnaround

The steel used for metal homes are usually pre-fabricated for the purpose. This is why the metal bars are usually very easy to set up. However, some pundits have opposing views on this. They believe that since metals require prior fabrication before they are used, the fabrication time should be included. That means their turnaround time is not so impressive. Nevertheless, metal homes are still quicker and easier to build than wooden homes. 

Steel is very sustainable

Steel actually comprises iron, carbon, and other components which do not include hazardous chemicals so steel is safe and eco-friendly. Steel is recyclable. If you are tired of your steel home, you can dismantle it and repurpose the metals for other things with little or no additional processing. This leads to the next point.

We present our top 10 favourite metal building homes:

#1 Michelle’s Stall Metal building home & Living Quarters

source: mortonbuildings

#2 Michael & Tamara’s Home

source: mortonbuildings

#3 Clyde & Nancy’s Metal building home

source: mortonbuildings

#4 Scott’s Metal home

Source: mortonbuildings

#5 Robert & Harriet’s metal building home

source: mortonbuildings

#6 Robert’s Metal building home with attached residence

source: mortonbuildings

#7 Craig’s Metal home

source: mortonbuildings

#8 Ron’s Metal building home

source: mortonbuildings

#9 William’s Metal building home

source: mortonbuildings

#10 Eugenie & Kathy’s metal home

source: mortonbuildings

Some more great metal building homes, they are for sure worth your attention:

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