What Dreams May Come: Modern Bedroom Design

Modern Bedroom

The modern bedroom is a private sanctuary of rest, romance and relaxation. When designing a modern bedroom, a few simple concepts can help you create a striking, contemporary-looking bedroom, that will make you want a lie in every day of the week.

Colours and Materials

To keep your modern bedroom looking bright and airy, keep your colour scheme light to maximise the effect of natural light on the room. Whites, greys and lighter shades look best on the walls, with lighter wood flooring or carpets on the floor. For the most part, try to adhere to your colour scheme with your duvet covers, pillow covers and any soft furnishings, to keep things looking consistent but a few accent colours here and there can look good too.

Furniture and Layout

Now let’s talk about the bed; the centrepiece of the bedroom. This is where the magic happens and you shouldn’t hold back on your budget here, to make sure you get the space, comfort and style you are looking for. For a modern bedroom, any high-quality Scandi or Japanese inspired offering will do nicely. If you’re hoping for a double bed, make sure you still have sufficient room with a large bed installed to navigate around the room. With the bed placed, select some storage options such as a chest of drawers, bed stand and laundry bags, which exhibit contemporary styling; the all-wood offerings from made.com look great in any modern bedroom. Integrated wardrobes are ideal for those with a large clothing collection and keep things looking neat, so go for a set if you can. 

Lighting and Decorations

Much of the time spent in your bedroom will be after sunset, so take care to select quality lighting for your modern bedroom. Some excellent modern light features, display quirky design elements and help you to create some interest and theatre in your bedroom. To soften your modern bedroom, some carefully chosen decorations such as artwork, house plants and features such as bookcases or photograph boards may be deployed, to personalise the space and make you feel at home. 

Concluding Remarks

The bedroom is an important private space, where people want to feel comfortable, cosy and relaxed. With a few simple design principles, you can create a functional, modern bedroom with a chic contemporary aesthetic, to make your bedroom a joy to be in.

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