Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

There are ways you can use up your small spaces for creative and very clever storage solutions. So, what if your space is small? You can still think big, right? Read on for some smart storage ideas for small spaces.

Double duty furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage is probably a Godsend for people looking to furnish their small spaces.

This helps them come up with a smart storage solution without having to make space for a separate storage item, such as a cabinet. Furniture such as beds, benches, ottomans, mirrors, and tables can all be designed to have storage space built inside them.

Find unique spaces

The secret to finding storage ideas for small spaces is to look where no one else is looking.

These unique spaces can be the area under the stairs, for instance, and also the stairs themselves! The stairs can be used as pull-out drawers and used to store so many things. It’s a surprise everyone isn’t already using this clever storage hack.

You could also look for space under your existing cabinets and see if there’s enough room to add sliding drawers. Adding hooks under shelves, in the kitchen, in particular, is a clever storage hack for cooking utensils and mugs.

Vertical space

When referring to small spaces, the issue is usually with regard to the horizontal space available. There’s usually always a lot of unused vertical storage space, even in the tiniest of spaces.

The area behind the doors is plenty and practically unused, except for sometimes hanging clothes on them. The unused doors can be used to hang storage pouches for small storage needs.

Slim, sliding cabinets can be installed in any narrow area, preferably by the side of your refrigerator or dishwasher. They’re perfect for storing spice jars, or cooking and washing tools.

Go underground

If the space in question is small beyond words and there is no unused space left for storage, the only way left to go is underground.

“Secret” storage space under the base of your closet can be used to keep important and valuable items. Other general underground storage units can be built around the house for your convenience. The size of these underground storage spaces can be as big or as small as you like! Since all the extra storage items go underground, it leaves small spaces clean and de-cluttered.

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