Smart Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

Kids can be a joy but their room can have the tendency to invoke fear in even any marginal neat freak. With all the toys, clothes, books and other junk that lay around, one can easily mistake a kid’s bedroom for a trash area. 

Thankfully, we have the cure. Read on to find out how you can tidy up the room using these smart kids’ bedroom organization ideas. 

Using Walls to your Advantage

The best place to store anything is upright and a good place to start is the walls. Installing a wall-mounted shelf, for example, can help you manage your kids’ bedroom without breaking the bank. This shelf can store books, toys and even clothes – but we recommend that you put up kid-safe pegs for the dirty and clean clothes that would otherwise lay around the room. 

Using Bags

Bins are great, but bags are better for kids. Bins are too rigid to keep up with the demands of your children. Sometimes your kids would need a storage area that is large enough to store their teddy, or sometimes they would require an area where they can easily put in their school essentials. This is where bags come in, they are versatile and can be stored literally anywhere in the room – behind doors, on the wall and even the ceiling. 

Recycle for a Better Future

If you are looking for a meaningful kid’s bedroom organization idea, then there is no better way to introduce your children to the concept of recycling than to use recycled material in their bedroom! Repurposing baskets, coloring and reusing old cardboard boxes or even making a storage bin with recycled material is good for the environment and will also immensely help you out with the organization of the room. 

Makeshift Library

If your children are big on reading books but not storing them properly then this kids’ bedroom organization idea is just for you. 

Let loose on your imagination and start thinking of ways to build a kid’s library! Wall shelves or even small carts with wheels are both great ideas for storing books and adding a bit of character to the room. Carts are especially a good option because they can be stored away under the bed or someplace else as required. 

Easy, right? Kids’ bedroom organization is all about being imaginative and fun. Think of how you would’ve wanted things when you were younger as a reference point and build on from there for a much cleaner and neater room!

source: 3elfenkinder , kidsroom