Smart Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

Farmhouse décor is all the rage these days. It seems like most people are gravitating towards a more grounded and earthy feel when it comes to their home décor. The urban life can take a toll on the human mind which is why it has become extremely important for home owners to at least try to change up their décor to reflect a more open and natural feel as opposed to one that is industrialized. Here are some great farmhouse dining room ideas for you to try. 

Seek First to Understand

Before you even begin, you need to understand what the farmhouse décor means in the urban life. While you simply can’t replace everything to fit the city life, there are, however, a few things that you can change to come close to the open and rural feel of a farmhouse. Take your dining room as an example. Farmhouse dining rooms are a congregational place, they are meant to be a place of gathering and family. Take these cues and move ahead so that you attain the best look possible. 

The Table

Start off with the usual suspects. 

The table is the perfect place for you to experiment. Try to get a round table with a revolving center (if possible). The quintessential farmhouse dining room will usually have a round or even a long rectangular table that is enough to seat everyone in the family. If you are into rounded tables then we recommend installing a revolving center top so that you can serve food and spin it around so that it is accessible to everyone on the table. 

Old Fashioned China Cabinets

Arguably, this is the best way of getting the homely farmhouse dining room look. Try to look up used china cabinets that resembles those that you would usually find at a farmhouse. These general-store-look cabinets are a great addition for any farmhouse décor as it will add both, functionality and aesthetic to your dining room. 

Hanging lights

Definitely go for hanging lights! No farm house dining room look can be complete without it. Glass hanging lights are a bonus if you can afford or find them. These light fixtures will add just the right look and luminosity you need to lighten up your farmhouse dining room décor. 

There you have it! 4 farmhouse dining room ideas to change up your home décor. Try them out and join the new statement that is sweeping the masses! 

source: antiquefarmhouse