Simple Home and Office Organization Ideas

People working from home spend most of their day at the home office and tend to clutter it with unnecessary items. Since you’re the boss in your home office, it’s really up to you to keep it clean and maintain it for maximum efficiency. 

Here are some great home office organization ideas to keep the place super tidy and relaxing to work in (because everyone hates dirty, unorganized workplaces):


That’s rule # 1 for office organization. You can’t use organization and clutter in a sentence together. 

Start by cleaning and sorting out what you already have. See what is important and keep it. Throw away the rest and recycle if possible. Even though everything’s gone digital, yet, somehow, the biggest piles found in offices are still paper. Check which stationery items are in use and which aren’t. Bottom line: get rid of everything that’s not important or in use. 

Lots of Drawers

All offices require storage space. You can’t possibly showcase all your office supplies on your office desk, can you? That’s where drawers come in.

The best possible use of drawers is with the office desk. It’s very convenient since it’s all in your reach. You don’t even have to move to get something you need. Simply store all the essentials in the desk drawers and have yourself a smart storage solution. 

Another place where you can install drawers is with cabinets. You can go vintage and install a filing cabinet if you like. They are super spacious and a great idea for office organization.

Use the Walls

There is so much that can be done here. A great way for office organization is to build full wall shelves that span across the entirety of the wall. This makes way for so much extra space; it would take someone very messy to not be able to organize their home office with that.

Other options include hanging a whiteboard to jot down important stuff or hanging filing systems.

Hidden Cords

Wireless is the way to go but that’s not possible all the time, for obvious reasons. But what can be done, is that the wires and cords be hidden from plain sight to give a wireless look!

Wires give a very messy and unorganized look. Get an office table with a charging station that keeps all the wires concealed. Hide any concealed or hanging wires around the office behind panels that match the walls and floors.