From The Farm To The Factory: Ideas For Rustic Industrial Decor

Rustic Industrial Decor

Rustic industrial decor takes its inspiration and materials from the farmhouses and factories of the past and integrates them into a stylish aesthetic, which harkens back to our shared heritage. This article will give you some ideas about how to create your own chic rustic industrial decor, through careful choices of materials, furniture and lighting. 

Materials and Textures

Exposed brickwork immediately sets up the rustic industrial atmosphere in any room, as it makes the room resemble a photograph of a scene from an old farm or factory, where brickwork would have been left exposed for utilitarian reasons. Any old industrial or farmhouse features in your space, such as staircases, window frames and ceiling beams are assets which can be celebrated in your rustic industrial decor. Vintage floorboards also add to the industrial theme but feel free to restore them with durable varnish to make the most of the grain of the wood and create a hard-wearing surface. 

Industrial Furniture and Lighting

Furniture can greatly add to the theatrics of your rustic industrial decor, creating props to add to the sense of being in a farmhouse or factory setting of old. For the industrial look, tables and chairs utilising metal legs or frames look great; particularly those using hairpin legs or old metal pipes. If you want a more rural vibe, antique all-wood furniture is the way to go. Vintage light fixtures greatly contribute to the rustic industrial look, so invest in plenty of these and make sure to fit them with filament bulbs for maximum old fashioned authenticity. Look for tasteful opportunities to add rustic industrial materials where ever you can and you’ll make your theme more convincing.

Rustic Industrial Curiosities

To finish off your rustic industrial decor, try to find some interesting items from the past, to create features of interest. The Singer treadle powered sewing machine is one of the most iconic tools ever made and makes a great art piece if you can find one. Any old farming or industrial items such as chains, cogs or tools can be displayed as art and tell a story of how people used to work. Artwork and photographs of old pastoral or industrial scenes or old advertising posters also look great in a rustic industrial decor. Keep things tasteful and feel free to include non-factory related art or decorations in your industrial decor but a nod to the heritage you are borrowing from is a cool touch. 

Concluding Remarks

Rustic industrial decor pays homage to our past, with materials, furniture and artefacts from the farm and the factory. By including rustic industrial elements tastefully in your design you can create a look which respects the past, whilst creating a classy contemporary space that’s interesting to be in.

source: designplusmag