Farmhouse Living Room Ideas to Shake things Up!

If you yearn for the classic farmhouse living room look and feel but live in an urban city then we have great news for you. A little change here and there can completely change the look of your home – that too under a budget! Read on to find out how to accomplish the classic and earthy farmhouse living room look. 

Make Use of The Walls

To start off, we recommend beginning with the living room walls and then working your way to other aspects (more on that in a while). While there are many color options to choose from, the classic farmhouse living room must have shiplap walls. These walls are characterized by their long and horizontal, plank-like appearance. Surrounding your living room with them will instantly set you in the right direction of getting the farmhouse living room look. 

It’s Time to Mix and Match! 

Another great idea for a believable farmhouse living room is to make use of wood baskets and furniture. If you want the right look then you must incorporate wooden furniture in your décor. This will not only add an earthy feel to your home but will also help you relax when you want to take a break from the concrete and plastic-laden city life. 

Embrace Farm Culture

If you really want to shake things up and commit, then we recommend that you at least install the basics of a farmhouse living room. A fireplace with an appropriately mounted antler will give you just the right look and feel. This will definitely add a classy dimension to your décor, especially if you live in an urban neighborhood. 

Reuse, Recycle and Repeat

Got an old canister that you were looking to throw away? How about the spare wooden planks that you have stored in your backyard that you are just itching to get rid of? Well, if you allow changing your perspective you will find many uses of these items! Old canisters can be used as vases and spare wood can be refurbished and fitted as doors. This will greatly enhance the look of your home and will also take you to the next level of farmhouse living room décor.

There you have it! Our tips for getting the semi-rural life into your urban home. Try some of these tips in conjunction to get the most out of the farmhouse living room décor! 

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