DIY Camper Van Conversion Ideas

Living the van life can be super fun and exciting. But before you start your journey, you need to convert a van into a camper van, and you need to be very thorough with how you go about with the conversion process because the camper van doubles as your ride AND as your mini home.

There are a lot of camper van conversion ideas to choose from. They’re very easy and can be taken up as DIY projects. Read on to find out!

Get a Hammock

A hammock looks so cute and is a great option to hang inside your camper van. You can just chill and relax in it, and also use it as a bed if you think it’s comfortable to sleep on. 

All you need to do is hook it to the walls of the camper van and make sure that it can handle your weight. Other than that, you need to ensure that it doesn’t come in the way of other furniture.

Lots of Light

Light up your camper van with both natural and artificial light. A dark, spooky camper van is a big no.

During the conversion, make sure there are windows in your camper van. Keep them open to let some of bright sunlight in during the day time. Having a sunroof is a big bonus. You can use it as a giant roof window during the day and night time as well.

As far as artificial light is concerned, you can put up a lot of fairy lights to brighten up the insides of the camper van. They add a certain warmth and look very pretty.

Rotating Front Seats

This is something really smart and convenient.

The front seats of the camper van can be modified into ones that rotate. This way, when they’re not used for driving, they can just be rotated and used as seating for the living area. Since they’re already very comfortable, it’s a very viable option to use them as lounge chairs as well. 

Statement Wall

A statement or accented wall is probably the best way to personalize your camper van when working on the conversion. 

You can hang a tapestry that you love, decorate it with greenery to filter air in the camper van, or decorate it with pictures of your journey. It’s super simple and is one of the easiest DIY camper van conversion ideas.

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