50+ Trendy Modern Barn Homes

High ceiling & huge windows & open spaces, this is what modern barn homes are all about. Modern barn homes become the perfect living place for homeowners looking for unusual, unique architectural results. More and more often architects are being asked to old barns into shiny modern homes. There is even a new business model where companies are offering historic barn frames with a possibility to deliver and build it on buyers land.

Barn turned into a home is not only a perfect opportunity to give a second live for a building but it’s also a guarantee that you are going to have historically touched unique house.

Some modern barn home owners prefer to keep the huge open space in the barn homes adding just a partitions. Others others love to break the space up and create more privacy among the rooms. So it’s basically up to architect and owner desire & imagination.

Take a look at these amazing modern barn home ideas:



source: scyonwalls


modern barn home

source: yohta.ru