50+ Popular Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is where the heart and soul of the household lives. It’s a place for bonding and celebration, it is where you replenish yourself every day and it is commonly the second home for many chefs around the world. But has your kitchen lost its charm on you? Check out these must-see kitchen organization ideas for the new year! 

Slide Outs

Modern kitchen organization demands ingenuity and great design aesthetics. This is where slide-out-preparation stations come in. Slide-out designs are a great way to utilize the kitchen area without taking up unnecessary space. You take them out when you need them then slide them back in when you are done. Think in terms of the most minimal design that offers you the most productivity and efficiency and you will likely land on a slide-out design. 

Use Shelves Wisely

Shelves are an absolute necessity in the kitchen, they help you keep spices and other ingredients at arms distance and can also immensely help you in your kitchen organization.

An even better way to use these long shelves is to divide them up and group similar items together for a more organized and neater look. You can also turn your wide and long shelves into cabinets for even more space! 

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are great for kitchen utilities. Instead of storing and fitting everything in a cabinet or drawer, try installing a simple wall-mounted rack that houses all your kitchen essentials in one place. 

Put up spoons, knives and other odd-shaped utilities that take up too much space in your drawer. This simple idea will help you declutter and reorganize your kitchen in record time! 

Utilizing Space Properly

The easiest way for an effective kitchen organization is to use every square inch at your disposal.

Please do not go overboard though, the goal here is not to overstuff your kitchen but to declutter and organize it. Look for areas where you can store multiple things using one storage item. For example, a basket, tray-cart or a ground cabinet are all good ideas, since they will help you to store multiple items using just a few square inches of your kitchens floor. 

For the best results, we recommend that you either use all or some of these tips to reorganize and declutter your kitchen for a much neater and better kitchen for the new year. 

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