50+ Camper Van Interiors That Could Replace A Tiny Home

Tiny home is so last year. If you have a need for a tiny home but you also don’t like to stick to one place and love to travel- we highly recommend to start your own camper van project.

Why camper vans are getting so popular?

Camper van projects are trending mostly because of affordable price & easy way to travel and explore new things.

Used van can cost around $2000 and also you will need like 2000-3000$ for full installation of all necessary equipment inside. So in total of 5000$ you could have your dream tiny home but on wheels.

source: destiny_motorhome

For a tiny home first of all you need a peace of land. Having a camper van you only need fuel and decide where you want to park it for a night. And believe us, you could find a lot of million worth places where you could stay & sleep in your camper van for free!

source: vanlife.living

The most important thing starting your own camper van project is to choose a right van. It’s easy, don’t worry, make sure that vans mileage was as low as possible & it had a higher ceiling. Everything else is up to your taste & imagination. We will hope these amazing camper van pictures will inspire you!

source: vanlifefreedom

source: explorevanx