Five Industrial Kitchen Decor Ideas

Industrial kitchens are known to be clean and eye-catching, the reason for this is that they are completely exposed to the social zone. Social zone describes space which is used for casual and public conversation. Industrial kitchens typically do not take a lot of space, therefore they are expected to be functional.

Industrial kitchens help in the production of food for public consumption. The production cycle typically ranges between the initial processing of raw material to food preparation; which is the final stage. These kitchens often come with separate dining room.

Below are five of the latest decor trends associated with industrial kitchens;

Rustic Brick Wall

Using rustic brick wall for your industrial kitchen is synonymous with wearing white shirt for your wedding suit. It looks just too good for you to think of something to change it with. An important tip is not to go overboard, one brick wall is typically enough. Rustic brick wall is a good explanation of what is meant by classic never dies.

source: marksson.time

Wooden Floor

Wooden floors are a popular sight in industrial homes, including the kitchen. Quality wooden floor has an extensive lifespan and they are quite easy to maintain. Also, they feel better on the foot as compared to tiles, this is because they are softer. These floors come in different colors, styles, species, and cut. Other benefits of wooden floor include straight-forward installation, high-quality look, strength, durability, variety, better acoustics, and high indoor air quality.

An industrial kitchen that is made of concrete, iron, stainless steel can benefit from the addition of wood, which creates an element of warmth. 

source: loftspiration

Metal Elements

Metal elements are quite important and they play a very good role in creating an industrial atmosphere in the kitchen. These metal elements have a long life span and are quite durable. It looks very amazing when you place metal luminaire, table frame, and shelving are placed next to the wooden floor or rustic brick wall. 

Metal is an element that complements the industrial design. It may be used in a way as an accent in the space through decorative items, knobs, or drawer pulls. Metals can also be used as a statement piece such as dining chairs and bar stools.

source: loft_industrial_journal

Kitchen Island

Just as it was mentioned above, industrial kitchens are typically small in size. This is one reason why kitchen islands are better choices as compared to the dining table. These kitchen islands are more functional, as they have more drawers and they look a lot better at the industrial kitchen.

source: loftdesignguru

Black Color

Black kitchen furniture color is another idea of a never-dying and classic thing. This color works perfectly for any kitchen, whether it is industrial or not. But when it is used for industrial kitchens, it looks absolutely fabulous. 

source: black.designru