44+ Must See Shipping Container Homes

Nowadays shipping container homes are getting a lot of buzz this is mainly because of few reasons:

#1 Time saving

You don’t need to wait half a year or even more until it will be built. You just need to choose the place and interior design and your home literally will be brought by the truck to your land.

#2 Price

Shipping container home can be built cheap. In most of the cases cheaper than traditional construction home.

So why not everyone is choosing to live in a shipping container homes? The answer is- limited size. Shipping container has standard size: 8ft width, 8.5ft height, 20ft or 40ft length.

So it’s a rectangle form and people usually prefer square. Because of the bigger space feeling and it’s a lot easier to design your room when it is of the shape of square.

How ever if you have a hipster soul or you have a peace of land and traditional construction home is currently too expensive for you- go ahead and consider shipping container homes.

We present some really cool examples of shipping container homes, please take a look bellow:

source: dwelliehomes , luxcontainerhome , shippingcontainerbuilds