44+ Amazing Bathroom Storage Ideas

Proper storage is an integral part of your bathroom décor. 

Having bathroom storage can free up a lot of needed space in your bathroom and can make it feel more neat, open and even stylish. Read on to know about brilliant bathroom storage ideas. 

Wall Shelves is the Way to Go!

This simple yet efficient fixture will help you organize your kitchen essentials in one place rather than having them scattered everywhere.

Even if you already have a wall shelf. It’s good to have one that has numerous dividers, thus allowing you to store everything in order of their type. Towels on top, toiletries below followed by paper towels, etc. You can also have a cabinet installed if you want to cover up everything and add a bit more style to your shelves.

A Basket to Tidy Up Things

Bathroom baskets are a great way to create usable bathroom storage. 

These baskets come in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. You can get them cheap as well. These baskets are great for keeping your towels or bath essentials in one, neat and tidy place. You can also put these baskets up on shelves to add even more style to your bathroom. 

Hang em’ Up!

When in doubt, get yourself some hangable hooks.

These hooks come in unique sizes and shapes and can stick to the bathroom walls indefinitely. For example, you can look for the ones with characters, words or plain letters on them. These can add quite a bit of charm in your bathroom, you can also hang your essentials on to them to make it appear much tidier. 

Use Corners Wisely

Bathroom corners are basically just wasted space. 

But you can do something about it by putting up a glass shelf that takes the shape of the bathroom corner. Triangular shelves look great and can be both, purposeful and stylish. But we wouldn’t recommend that you go overboard with this idea, one shelf per bathroom is fine. Utilizing all the corners will just make it feel crowded. 

There you have it! Simple and easy ways to make bathroom storage possible! There is so much more you can do without breaking the bank. We highly recommend that you use this as a framework for further changes. With just a few tweaks and additions, you can add more bathroom storage without making it feel small or crowded.

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