30+ Modern Industrial Style Apartment Ideas

Industrial style apartments are a hit or miss for a lot of people. Some people focus too much on just filling up empty space while others would only focus on getting the flooring right. It is, in fact, the right balance of everything that makes a truly industrial style apartment. 

Let’s take a look at a few ideas below. 

Working with Space 

When you think of industrial style apartments, a lot of empty space comes in mind. 

Yes, these types of apartments are well suited for big warehouse-like spaces where there is ample room in between furniture and the walls, but for the most part, your main focus should be what not to put in rather than on what to put in. Get it? Only put in things that add aesthetic value to your apartment everything else will just kill the look. You need to make the apartment feel spacious and furnished! 

Working with Flooring Options

NOTHING looks and feels more industrial than using wooden flooring. 

Ditch the full carpeting if you want the ultimate and quintessential industrial style apartment. We recommend that you go with hardwood flooring. The thud that it makes with every step and the open space around you will instantly give you the industrial style apartment feeling you have been craving and it will also look fantastic with the open space! 

Go Metal

Using metal elements, whether it’s your stairways railing or aluminum lamps, will significantly increase the overall look of your industrial style apartment.

Try going with metal stools, light fixtures, lamps and even a subtle bookshelf made with metal. These small changes will add up to a big difference in creating just the right look for your apartment. 

Recycled Fixtures

Have an old bike rack that you can repurpose for something else? Or an old safe that is now decommissioned?

You can use these as design assets for your industrial-style apartment. Just place them appropriately and voila! They will add depth and character to your apartment and will also make it look urban and industrial. 

Getting the right things for your apartment won’t be a hassle since you can easily use recycled metal tools or anything that can enhance the look of your industrial apartment as an art piece. This is a truly versatile apartment-style and it is no wonder why it has grown in popularity in recent times. 

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