12 Smart Home DIY Ideas

Repairing your own home is rewarding and also EXPENSIVE! It’s crazy how much nowadays everything cost. Small interior detail like shoe shelf could cost up to $200 or even more. That’s why everyday you can find more and more home DIY ideas. These ideas will not only save you a lot of money but also teach how easy and interesting it could be to make one or another interior detail by yourself! Housetopic team today present you 12 smart home DIY ideas:

#1 DIY Shoe Shelf

For this project you will need osb board, hot glue or screws & screw driver.

#2 DIY Flower Planter

Find an old chair and bucket, make it into amazing flower planter.

#3 DIY Laptop Table

This DIY laptop table idea is perfect if you have tiny home and there is no space for standard table.

#4 Water Pipe DIY Shoe Shelf

This shoe shelf is really great idea if you like copper color.

#5 DIY Clock out of Jeans & Rope

For this project you need 4 things- hot glue, old jeans, rope & clock mechanism.

#6 DIY Cup Rack

Great & good looking cup rack idea

#7 DIY Framed Shelfs

Very interesting idea that will surely refresh your home interior design.

#8 Old Wooden Box Shelf

Just look at this wooden shelf isn’t it amazing? This one of the most beautiful DIY home projects we ever saw!

#9 DIY Cactus Shape Cactus Shelf

Do you like plants? Maybe cactus? If yes, this will be really great idea for you!

#10 Euro Pallet DIY Couch

#11 Dinning Table Made out of Euro Pallets

For already few years Euro pallets are very popular for DIY home projects these two ideas are great example that with a little bit of effort you can create amazing furnitures out of euro pallets.

#12 DIY Coconut Flower Pot

Coconut water is very useful for weight loss and heart health. If you like it and buy it time to time, make sure not to through coconut shell because as you can see it can be re-used as flower pot!

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